Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter


orion’s belt

holy orion’s beltthe ancients’ wind chimesuspended to illuminate their skydrags its buckleacross late eveninga million years ago slow light to travelbears down on dawn’s red eyebefore night ends miles between… Continue Reading



Time to set aside the thoughts of greatness,To cast away the dreams of acclaim, wisdom,And knowledge, to let the mundane take meAway from the open skies, and tie me downIn… Continue Reading



Bed-time.I stroke my children’s backs, arms, legsto help them sleep, in multiplesof onehundredandtwentyfive,each multiple to be completeeven if they’ve fallen asleep while I count. I’ve always done this,don’t know why,since… Continue Reading



streets scratch the surface of history streets on sandshiftwith regiments of memory this was my streeti kissed him theremade my love in that dark cornerbefore i was born layers of… Continue Reading