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Save Stradbroke Library

As part of the National Day of Action to Save Libraries, there will be a read-in at Stradbroke Library tomorrow, 5th February, at 10 a.m.. This is one of the things I’ll be reading, adapted from a 2007 poem of mine called why i love poetry.

why i love libraries

because words bound and wrapped
on pages of many colours
sing new voices

because one borrowed book
can be better than thousands
of bought ones

because reading beats hearing
when the words make
their own meaning inside me

because small words can change big things

because the wind and the rain
and love and hate and fear
and tragedy and joy

because the world outside
is so huge and round

because inside each story
there is true greatness
and great truth

because words are the warmth of life

because these sanctuaries
are gateways to the gods
our one chance at wisdom

because faith is a promise
regardless of belief

because each book is
a life-time on its own
a summary of all we can

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