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Single-Issue Politics – Your Vote In EU Elections Is Vital

I would like to say that we’re living in heady days, but the exact opposite is true – we are living in frightening days, when the political apparatus is broken, where the UK has not passed any significant legislation for almost three years, where the two major parties are intent on destroying the economy of this country, and, with it, the prospect of implementing any measures to achieve even only a modicum of social justice.

Let’s be absolutely clear what we’re talking about here, and not just for the European Elections, but in the whole remain vs brexit debate – it’s racism and white supremacy, dictatorship, and oppression. We are not just in an ideological battle, but in a very real battle to preserve democracy. And if we lose, we will forever (and I don’t say that lightly) be shackled by a right-wing dictatorship.

Unfortunately, the Labour and Conservative parties alike are normalising the extreme right-wing by supporting the message that the UK would be better off outside the EU, that immigration is a bad thing, that freedom of movement is bad for the people of this country, that white people are better than ethnic minorities. The Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage (public-school-educated ex-stockbroker living on £450k/y given to him by Arron Banks, himself under police investigation, just to remind you), is said to be leading the polls for the EU elections exactly because the main parties are not arguing the case for immigration, free movement, multiculturalism, for a modern Britain that understands and realises that the killing days of the Empire are long gone, and gone for good, and gone for the better of humankind.

Claiming, as Corbyn likes to, that there are more issues to be dealt with in British politics at this time is at best disingenuous, and at worst a lie. If the UK leaves the EU, there will be no funding for Corbyn’s admirable social justice policies, nor any funding to keep those already below the poverty line from dying (yes, dying). The refusal, whether that be from cowardice or self-interest of isolationist socialists, to refute right-wing claims that the 2008 crash was caused by Labour and that immigration is stealing UK jobs, is at the centre of all this. By not countering these right-wing arguments, especially as far as immigratuion is concerned, Labour has played straight into right-wing hands and managed to stoke up even more unjustified fears.

All this has brought us to this – single-issue politics, where it is more important to talk about the one single thing which will determine the future of this country rather than things which, although important, are right now peripheral, because they will be insignificant and unachievable if the UK leaves the EU. We’ll be too busy fighting each other for food and medicines.

So, this Thursday, 23rd May 2019, how should you vote in the EU elections? There are many tactical voting web sites out there, and their message isn’t all that clear, possibly because there are so many strands and variables to juggle. The basic message is this – if you already vote for a remain party, vote for that party (in England that’s LibDem or Green, in Scotland SNP). Neither the Labour Party nor the Conservative party are remain parties. If you are a Labour or Conservative remainer, then you need to vote for a remain party (again, in England that’s LibDem or Green, in Scotland SNP).

To beat the corrupt Brexit Party, you need to vote LibDem or Green. That’s vital. It’s also vital that you vote, that you persuade your family and friends and work colleagues to vote. We have to get the vote out. A miserable 30ish percent turnout won’t cut it.

This is probably the most important election of this decade. Use your vote to defeat Brexit.

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