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Day 290

I made the mistake, last night, after¬†Frozen Planet II, after BBC 2’s Hans Zimmer doco, after Stanely Tucci’s trekking round Umbria¬†In Search Of Italy, after all that, of a) thinking… Continue Reading


Day 288

Today, I have been resting. Although my mind and body rebel against doing such a thing. I watched the BBC’s wonderful programme about TS Eliot’s The Waste Land. It reminded… Continue Reading


Day 284

Worse. I have slept most of the day. No energy. Weird dreams; of cricket, of babies, of puppies, and villages with streets too narrow to squeeze through.  


Day 283

Places I tried to sleep last night: our bed (unsuccessful), at the dining room table (unsuccessful), on the sofa under two blankets listening to my Aggie playlist (partially successful for… Continue Reading


Day 282

I’m sitting in the garden in the glorious sun after having stuffed myself full of breakfast cake, a double espresso, lots of water, vitamins and paracetamol. Although I feel dreadful,… Continue Reading