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Day 286

I must be feeling better. I have done a full day’s work, albeit very slowly. I shaved mid-afternoon. I have taken out the recycling and the rubbish, both of which were gradually piling up as none of us had the energy to do anything about them.

This may be boring to some (and TMI for others), but in the interests of chronicling the disease for someone with a chronic condition (diverticulosis, which was confirmed by the colonoscopy a few weeks ago), I will write this down. I spoke with my doctor this morning because I’d been having awful episodes of going to the loo since Monday morning. It is a fact that vomiting and diarrhoea are side effects of covid-19 (fortunately I’ve not had any of the former) which are expected to settle by Day 7 of the infection. The issue for someone like me is that this can potentially cause a bacterial side infection in whichever part of the bowel is affected by the diverticulosis. I am therefore to go to the pharmacy tomorrow, fully masked-up, to pick up some antibiotics so I have them handy if I should get worse. Fortunately (touch wood), today has been much much better on that front, which has also helped me feel better, because my body has apparently been able to focus better just on fighting the primary infection rather than other things as well.

And now I am exhausted, I must admit, and don’t want to do anything more. My brain haze, though significantly lessened, is still not really letting me get to grips with just splurging 500 words of Aggie’s life onto this page right now. Writing requires more energy than a lot of people think, even typing rather than long-handing. She may reappear over the weekend.

Again, thank heavens for the NHS – I spoke to the doc at just before 9 this morning after having called the surgery at 8 to be added to the list of calls to be made by a doc. The fact that the Tories are still working hard to defund it in any way they can think of is appalling, malevolent, and unconscionable.

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