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The climate crisis – and the disgustingness of dog owners

Let’s just be clear – the dreadful weather we are having in the UK right now is directly related to the climate crisis, just like the extreme heat ravaging Italy and Greece right now. I see and hear the usual gammony Brexiter racist brigade using the ridiculously low temperatures here to claim the climate crisis doesn’t exist. And, as usual, they’re talking out of their arses and mistaking their lies for fact.

It’s very interesting that, while we were there, Agios Nikolaos was not having above-average temperatures during the day nor at night. The explanation may be that Crete is far away from the Greek mainland, and that the sea mitigates the problems of the climate crisis (and it’s a hell of a lot smaller an island than the one we live on reluctantly). This doesn’t change the facts about what serious trouble the world is in, though.

One of my daughters asked me the other day what I thought of those protesting against the fossil fuel industries, and whether or not the disruption they cause should give us any ethical concerns. I said I thought they were doing the right thing, and mnore of us probably should. I also pointed at the obscene profits of fossil fuel companies, and of energy companies, both of which are getting richer by the second on the backs of those who are being bankrupted by profiteering.

This scenario, of course, plays well with the vigorous heartlessness being shown by right-wing and totalitarian governments around the planet (side note – just correlate excessive heat and distruction of wildlife habitat with the politics of the governing party and you’ll find perhaps not unsurprising realisations) against their own people. Populism is eating itself, folks. Witness the failure of Labour to win the Uxbridge by-election, because the climate crisis denier Tories managed to get their equally short-sighted friends to think that the environmentally and economically sound ULEZ expansion was a bad thing. Witness Tories and Labour both (the latter unfortunately) trying to water down their commitments to environmental protection and improvement. All those politicians and voters fiddling while the world burns.

I’ve had it with these people.

I’ve also had it with dog owners. There was a massive dog shit on my drive this morning which I, not expecting the disgustingness of dog owners to expand into my property, stepped into. If I ever see a dog even put a fraction of its paw on my drive, I will not be responsible for my actions. It’s seriously disgusting and unacceptable. Fuck you, whoever you were. You probably don’t give a shit about the climate crisis either, you dickhead.

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