Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter


The Darkness

The darkness is our friend.
I said that when you were little.
I still say it.

On a different soil, then,
We chased a storm together,
And its thunder.
We reached it sooner than we thought,
And the clouds collapsed around us
Until we could no longer see.
We still found our way home.

The noise too loud to hear each other,
Too brutal for voices,
And the darkness upon us.
It was still our friend,
With its shattered light.

And now …

There are always chances,
In every room without a visible door,
To escape to the borderless fields,
Where we make our own choices,
Where we are free.

It’s not easy to understand,
In the open, without cover,
That there’s no single right answer,
But out here we are at liberty,
Not like those who accept the closed rooms,
Who believe there are no doors, ever.

The darkness is our friend.
Through it we can escape, unseen.

R, for Charlotte on her birthday, 19.10.2015

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