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Why Your YES Vote Matters – In Plain English


Planning applications go to the Parish Council and Mid-Suffolk District Council (MSDC).
The Parish Council makes recommendations on planning applications.
MSDC is not legally obliged to act on the recommendations of the Parish Council.
MSDC is under great pressure from central government to build lots of houses.
There are many landowners who wish to build houses in this uncontrolled way.
MSDC will likely approve many of these developments even if locals oppose them, and even if the Parish Council recommends they shouldn’t be built.
The village receives a maximum 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy.

NO Vote

The above continues to apply, with the resulting rapid expansion of the village with no real regard for the view of villagers, nor with a regard to the increased load on road, sewage, doctors’ surgery (to name but a few).

Some misguided soul has (probably illegally) defaced a planning application opposite Doggetts saying that if you vote No, the planning application will not go forward. This is untrue. The above current situation will still apply.


If the referendum decides YES, the Neighbourhood Development Plan comes into effect immediately.
MSDC will be legally obliged to adhere to the Neighbourhood Development Plan, and will not be able to approve any big housing developments not in the plan.
Any planning applications which have not yet been assessed or approved will be decided on the terms of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
The village will directly receive 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy.

By voting yes, you guarantee sustainable housing development, increased income for the village. You decide the future of the village for the next twenty years.


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