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An accident of birth, this
High status in a crumbling
Institution which robs the people
Of their self-esteem and money.
Misplaced faith in a system
Which values class over takent,
And accents above actions.
The deprived are glued to the story,
Or not, while the actors worry
About nothing more than their hair.

R, 10/01/2023, 11:33

What is crumbling around us is
Not the kindness of humanity but
The mask of those many tyrants
Who wish to rule this world entirely
For their own ends, those who want
Absolute power absolutely without
Interference from plebescites and
The plebeians who insist on them.
There are those who would support
These liars and murderers to deny
What freedoms are left, and it is
Our responsibility to open their
Eyes to their errors.

R 10/01/2023 12:09


Today’s #MastoPrompt was #crumbling. Here’s an idea – try using these prompts to write your own, even if you’re not on Mastodon. It’s good practice – poetry or prose fiction. Simple. I wrote four in all, 3 while waiting in the acupuncture clinic because I was early.

The day was something like this:

06:15 – alarm. Go stand in shower. Water freezing cold, even after 2 minutes. Bugger, fuck, bollocks. Get out of shower, one leg frozen, the rest dry, quick rub down. The house is bloody cold.

06:20 – downstairs. The heating’s screwed. Water pressure non-existent. Mini-argument with M. Fuck, we’re gonna have to get a plumber. Out into the cold with a smoke. Hang on. Good old internet search. What’s the manual say? Which is actually the gas pipe and which isn’t? Oh, ok, I won’t blow us up then.

06:40 – heating working again. Work. Breakfast. Pissed off with the rain.

11:00 – still pissed off with the rain. Very pissed off.

11:30 – no point walking to acupuncture cos I’ll get soaked. Drive instead. Arrive early. Write 3 poems into phone.

12:15-13:45 – acupuncture. Talk lots. Fall asleep with needles in just about every part of my body.

Then – late lunch, work, work, work, video call, work.

Now this.

And here’s that link to yesterday’s marvellous Stephen Bumfrey Show. I sometimes have doubts about being a media whore. But actually, I love it. Am I allowed to say that?

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