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The English have an unwavering faith
In their exceptionalism, ironic at a time
When their empire has crumbled away
And only its blood dust remains. The
Old guard remains staunchly racist, and
Sees nothing wrong with that ingrained
Hatred of all people who are the wrong
Colour and speak anything other than
The King’s English. They fall over each
Other and onto their knees at the
Prospect of a new coronation. Such
Inflated importance, when all they are,
The royals included, little limited
People with no skills, no languages,
And no compassion.

R 14/04/2023 17:20

A shortened version is up on Mastodon, but this, as usual is the better one.

M is taking me to the theatre shortly to see Strictly Ballroom. Very excited. I miss dancing, but we’ll start soon, especially once I get into the habit of using my new TENS machine on my bad left shoulder on a daily basis.

The crow was not there today. I hope it means he had enough strength to fly back to his family and let their love heal him.

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