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In the sense of being
Filled with fright and
Anxiety, she was frightful
When he saw her
Cowering in the corner
Of the deserted house,
Muck around her face
And mouth, the tracks
Of tears and snot
Grimy on her soft chin.

Under that,
Once he had saved
Her from the dark
And the clamour
Of this particular
War, she was so
Different to any
Of those he’d
Rescued before.
He always had to be
A hero because of
Everything he’d lost
Before she found

28/04/2023 20:17

Not much to say. A new reader said the opening para of Aggie gave her Dylan Thomas vibes; I’ll settle for that. Someone messaged me and said they’d listened to me broadcast for the first time on Wednesday and liked the show; I’ll settle for that, too. My video call with Colonel Larry was very interesting – he ran me through some slides for one of his cyberwar papers and I learned a lot. And, fool that I am, I’ve agreed to drove 80 minutes each way tomorrow to go and play golf with two friends I’ve not seen for an age because they live in a country where there’s still free movement, a country that’s still in the EU. Poor benighted Britain.

And poor benighted Britain again, to be run by people who think the Chair of the BBC can be a card-carrying Tory. At least he has finally resigned, but he should never have been appointed in the first place. What a frightful country we live in. Let’s make it better. You know to vote out the Tories on 4th May if you’re vaing a local election in your neck of the woods – and don’t forget to take ID.

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