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when it comes
it takes him by surprise
the smooth ride
it was supposed to be
in the golden carriage
unopposed by the
little people whose
taxes he considers his

at first it’s only a small
bump the wheels lifting
off the street and back
down again in an instant
the police holding at bay
anyone who might say
the wrong word for
all to hear

another jolt
bigger this time
the carriage doors
ripped open
and anarchy flooding
in to spoil his day

R 04/05/2023 20:53

I was going to spend more time on the blog today. But time has run out.

I have voted to #GTTO.

And it’s weird to have a novel bubbling just under the top 100 in the LGBTQ+ chart on Amazon, and an album released with 4 songs lyricked by me on it.

Life is busy.

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