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Endless days of doing nothing.

The cage is not a cage when you have the key.

The token effort to make it look like the people are the priority.

And the country.

The knowledge that none of the above are the truth.

Head laden with diamonds and gold.

Endless days of watching from the balcony.

Those little people.

R 06/05/2023 21:42

All day spent working on web site design. It’s not quite there yet, although the changes and buttons are functional. Shoddy not finishing it, really, but it’ll do for today. You won’t notice a change on this page.

Successfully avoided averything C-related, except for the appalling news that anti-monarchy protesters were arrested for no good reason at 07:30 today. Not a good look. But then we do know that our democracy is on the brink if not already over it.

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