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We have reached the age,
And perhaps all ages have been
Like this, just not as obviously
So, more educated and literate
As we are if we have escaped,
Where all facts end up being
Twisted into untruths by
The denials of the mighty.
No-one gave past tyrants
Interviews in which to lie
To their people; their actions
Did it for them. And here’s
The henchman, if you say
I’m lying about my new
Clothes in my nakedness.
Democracy is nothing
But a sword with secret edges.

R 15/05/2023 20:13

Bumfrey was magnificent. Listen here.

I had coffee with Marina Florance before the Bumfrey show. Such a joy to see her. And such a good conversation.

And I went to see the HMS Gloucester exhibition at Norwich Castle. Material for more books.

It was worth working a half day yesterday so I had time to do all these things. I have said often I’m fortunate, and I’ll say it again.

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