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To ignore her would be
Grievous, when she has
Given him everything
He needed when he
Needed it most; the
Consoling hand of
Friendship and grace,
The forgiving flesh
Of the forgotten
In the abyss of the
Betrayed, the pieces
Of the ladder to
Scale his way out of
The well of exile.

But he does, because
He doesn’t see her,
Doesn’t recognise her,
Drugged as he is by
The opium of recovery
And imagined fame
Now he’s a star again.

R 21/05/2023 20:48

Just back from a thrash metal gig (one of A’s work colleagues/friends is the drummer in a new thrash metal band). Cool and interesting. Disconnect when a very well-spoke young man came up to us afterwards to talk to us; it took me a few seconds to connect him with the screamy, foul-mouthed youth fronting the band we’d just seen. There’s probably a lesson there for us all. We’re all playing parts a lot of the time.

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