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In those days, I lived
In a Huguenot village,
All street and no hiding plces,
In a house that froze at night
When all the stoves ran dry.

Mornings were stripping my
Frozen shirt from the chair
On which it had grown stiff,
And throwing it onto my
Resisting body until it thawed
Into something wearable under
My jumper, and then down
To the bus stop for the first
Bus out of the village.

Warmth in the coach enveloped
My cold body and heart in the
Dark. I wanted to ride this
Bus forever.

R 07/06/2023 15:40

I posted a slightly shorter version on Mastodon so I could get the hashtags in, but this is the preferred version.

The day. Up early. M off to the office in town. Alternate working like a maniac and lying on my stomach on the bed still battling this damn complaining and stiff back with some success (and listening to A’s wonderful Arctic Monkeys show on Radio Stradbroke, because she was working the AM concert at Carrow Road tonight). Then shopping at the end of the working day because we’ve been so busy at work, M and I, that we’ve run out of basics. Then panic stations looking for O’s degree certificates which M found in the end because she’s practical (although I have to add I found O’s external HDD). Then tea, and the a leisurely walk down to Carrow Road to listen to the Arctic Monkeys outside the ground. Left way before the end and walked home again (sweaty now), arriving back at the same time as M who had been to pick A up from the ground in the car.

Rock AND roll!!!! So now I’m not listening to my usual blog All Too Well, Taylor’s 10-minute version, but to the opneing tracks of the AM album that came out in 2013 (when I went to see them with C at Earl’s Court and we ended up spending the whole night in Bar Italia in Frith Street). The best 4 tracks opening any album that I’ve ever listened to (but still not as good an album as their first).

On that note – R U Mine?

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