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He never let her finish,
Always interrupted her,
Wouldn’t allow the truth to
Escape her lips, held
Her back, denied her,
Ignored her, locked
Her into the narrow
Room when he left,
Said she owed him,
He’d saved her, freed
Her, that without him
She’d be nothing. So
She made a tool from
Paper clips, and escaped,
Her sentence on the paper
Complete for once.
I don’t need you.

R 16/02/2023 13:52

The truth is, love stutters
When it sees itself in someone
Else’s eyes, and the dream of
Happiness is subsumed by shyness
And incomplete sentences. How many
Of us have walked away from what we
Wanted to know because we didn’t
Have the courage to say what we
Were feeling, that soaring roaring
Revelation that we are capable
Of loving that silhouette across
The room, and fell the moment
We saw it?

R 16/02/2023 20:41

Today’s #MastoPrompt was #Sentence. The first one I wrote when I was sitting in Norfolk Forum Library waiting to go up to the BBC Radio Norfolk studio. Libraries are wonderful. I must go and just sit in that one more often.

Great to see Bumfrey today and have a giggle on air. Not that I thought I was particularly coherent. And I coughed at the start and messed up his intro – here.

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