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There is no point in weather forecasting.
The weather will be what it is, and the
Inevitable greyness will envelop our towns,
Invade our cities, and suffocate the few
Forests we have left standing. Of all
Things, this is certain, and we don’t need
The false prescience of weather maps to
Tell us that the greyness isn’t fog but
The smoke of the world burning while
We do nothing.

R 29/01/2023 11:20


There was a young scientist called Pree
Who could tell what the future would be
So he played the Lotto,
With the proceeds got blotto,
Now he’s full of proverbial glee.

R 29/01/2023 12:20


Today’s #MastoPrompt was #Prescient. So, just for Colonel L, I decided to do a second funny one. Let’s hope he likes it.

A day of pottering and doing housework (ish). And I baked some bread. We’ll see tomorrow if it tastes ok.

I have tried to day to be a slow person for once. That’s what Sundays are supposed to be about, after all.

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