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If to dote on someone is to love them
Unconditionally, to antidote on someone
Must mean to hate them unconditionally.
In the spirit of those language logics,
I dote on good people who care, and
Antidote on fascists and racists, oppressors,
War mongers, liars, the corrupt respectless.
I dote on the altruistic, the poets and singers,
The painters, the nurses, the carers and doctors,
The volunteers, the mask wearers,
The honest.

R 31/03/2023 20:15


One being dies,
The other thrives
On whatever poison
Was defined as.

Logic does not
Allow for variations
Nor multiverse
Withdrawal of reality.

We never could heal
When we didn’t know
What the opposite to
Healing was.

Nor the gun nor bullet,
Mercy killing
Breath held
By pillow
Nor all those
Other games
Warriors play.

In every context
Outside logic
(Which is always false)
There is no cure.

R 31/01/2023 20:39


Today’s #MastoPrompt was #antidote. I do sometimes feel like I’m being asked leading questions with this.

First day back at work – very busy. But I am deliberately riding the days at a slightly slower pace than I have in the past. I think it’s better this way, at this moment.


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