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most see it as a straight line
an undeviating arrow made
from the mysteries of maths
and buzzing with numbers
indecipherable equations
where only one correct answer
is ever possible

as such it could never
be a true representation
of real life

and as science builds new
eyes in the sky it disproves its
own theories with new
discoveries where light finds
multiple vectors from suns to
black holes to the inexplicable
that’s forever unknowable

R 25/02/2023 12:04

Aggie is a huge tome, and I’m going to have to work out different layouts to make it affordable for people in its physical rather than e-book iteration. M is going through it at the moment, and I will start my own separate process soon to get the book into a readable piece of narrative and manageable manifestation. This process is never simple because the urge is always to get one book over and done with and out into the wild so I can start working on the next one. And the next on the list is to finally finish The Mortality Code, the sequel to The Immortality Clock. But nothing will happen today on that front. It’s been a hectic morning so far, and Norwich City calls this afternoon, and A’s birthday dinner this evening. But then real life is sometimes better than all the imagined ones I live in my head.

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