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Day 231

This evening, I’ve decided to sit on one of the comfy chairs in our nascent library and write at least part of my blog here, into my phone, rather than sitting in the office (where I’ve just had my weekly video call with Colonel L, more of which later). The added bonus of course is that the front legs of this comfy chair are standing on this troublesome last length of wood that’s meant to become the uppermost shelf of the book wall and that we’re trying to unwarp (no typo), so I’m using my considerable weight on the chair to keep one dampened and then ironed (by M) end of it down. It remains to be seen whether or not this tactic will work.

As for my call with Colonel L, it has become one of the highlights of my week, not just because we’re such good friends, but because he’s so darn interesting. Some people tell me I’ve had an interesting life (which I invariably dispute because I think it has in fact been very ordinary), but L has so many fabulous stories to tell that I just need to sit and listen (and watch). And of course I can’t use any of them in my books because L is now also a writer and has first call on his own stories. We were remembering today when he was serving in Bosnia in 1997, and sending me emails with his unique narrative already in evidence then. I must dig them out, not to use, but just to reread them because they were magical. I also must redouble my efforts to track down an article about him that appeared in Communications Week International around that time.

Brief break to get curry and eat.

I did do a relatively superficial search for the CWI article, with no luck.

I need to start writing the blog in the mornings again. Time compresses so much in the evening. Actually, all time is compressing, and all the books in my head are straining to come out. I can’t write them all at once. Even The Mortality Code has stalled again since I worked on it a few weeks ago.





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