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Day 232

It’s always quite weird listening to myself on the radio when I decide to put up a pre-record rather than doing a live show so I can get on with other things. But I do b=play some banging record, it must be said. Today, we’re airing Episode 1 of my 12-inch vinyl collection. Episode 2 is already in the can and will go out next Saturday, and, some time, this coming week, I’ll record at least Episode 3. From what I recall, there’s enough material for five episodes, and I’ll try to record one a week. Why do pre-records instead of just doing it live? Isn’t the time investment exactly the same? Well, for one it gives us an ever-expanding library of pre-records. For the other, it does give me more time with M on a Saturday if I pre-record stuff during the week while she’s working or otherwise engaged. And it gives me time to do other things as well, like write this, like editing the podcasts and uploading them, etc etc, pp. Which includes a lot of waiting for the machine to save the files. And it’s all very bitty.

We’re off to a wedding later. I am trying to stay off my feet as much as possible right now so we can dance a lot. We like dancing with each other. I have written a poem for the lovely couple, starting out on their joint path. Maybe I’ll share it tomorrow. It made M cry, although I’d told her it wouldn’t. Whoops.

I’m writing nonsense this morning (well, it’s gone noon, actually, by now). I’m still playing great tunes; my disembodied self, that is. Maybe it’s not nonsense, but just words filling gaps between activity. Is that what life is? The activities between words?

I was going to put the running order for the pre-record here, but I’ve changed my mind. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. I just heard myself congratulating Radio Stradbroke on its 5,000th birthday. When I was doing the pre-record, I did have some fun imagining people listening to me and my tunes in 5022. I wonder what the world will be like then, and if people will be listening via implants or if we’ll have an FM licence by then, and people will be listening on solar-powered radios. And online. Or perhaps the Internet will be dead by then. Who knows?

It’s actually a nice lazy-ish day so far. Enough.

Much later. Afterthoughts.

This is what happens when you start something but leave it only half-finished. More stuff happens. Like a foot pump for tyres not working. Like printing out a return label to the Beast. Like phoning the nearest car parts shop to se if they have them. Like driving down there, opening the box to make sure the pump doesn’t have the same defect as the one you’re sending back, and then buying it when it obviously doesn’t have that defect. Then popping in to a pet store to buy the cat litter we need. And then popping into the DIY store to buy two more paving slabs and some ballast to put them on. And doing some more Greek when you get home. And all the time thinking about what Aggie will do next. That reminds me of a series of books one of my sisters read when we were kids, but the girl’s name was Katie not Aggie.




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