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Day 267

Today’s been very busy and, in parts, ailed. And it’s late now, so just a few lines to keep my promise to myself.

M and I have been busy rearranging parts of the house and the office, and things are starting to take shape now, the shape we want – for now. We’re empty-nesters this weekend, so that’s the ideal time for this. The rest of my time, I’ve spent reading articles about the late great Hilary Mantel, and excerpts from Alan Rickman’s (also late and great, but in a different sphere) diaries. Both compelling reading. I may well need to get Mantel’s entire canon (I do have four or five books of it already) and Rickman’s diaries. Luxuries, I know, in times like this, but then again, are books really luxuries? They certainly shouldn’t be.

The dancing started on Strictly today. I miss dancing, and M and I do need to start again. It’s been such an important part of our lives, even before we started ballroom dancing. We will do so before the end of the year. Another promise to myself. And I have to watch Strictly. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong, making time for what is essentially a reality TV show. Maybe real writers don’t watch Strictly.

Aggie is having a rest, probably because I’m not a proper writer and watched Strictly instead of writing.

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