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In the cinema in Scotland
As a child, I watched Lost Horizon
With my father, and that valley
Shangri La was became a place
I would lose myself in when he
Became impossible to bear.

My lost childhood was nothing
But a search for such a place of
Peace and safety that I was never
Able to find because I was always
Afraid of being exiled from the
Family I thought I owed love.

I did find a version of it, later,
Now, and try to be sanctuary
For those I love without debt.

R 20/06/2023 11:42

Very little sleep last night, and the sleep I had was very disturbed. Brain racing. I am trying to moderate it with verious strategies.

England losing the first Ashes test doesn’t help my sense of melancholy. Although it’s a long road. But there’s a foreboding. Maybe it’s just my ancient ways where the draw always has to be the best option.

Yesterdauy’s serious bonus – on Sunday I thought I might as well buy a new distributor cap for Madge the Spitfire. Picked it up yesterday and fitted it. She started first time. Now I need to get her back on the road and test all the other important bits (like the brakes) still work.

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