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Day 273

The more water I drink, the more dehydrated I seem to become. And I don’t like it.


Only quarter to 7pm, and it’s dark already, and a storm is lashing down the street. To think I went for my daily walk in it.


Today has been so busy I almost forgot to write this. It’s turning into another fragmentary.


There are pieces of life that, however hard we look at them, however long we ponder the details of them, they make no sense. I just spent half an hour on the phone to a good friend and we were discussing parenting, and how different young people’s expectations are to when we were younger (and she’s nowhere near as old as me). And there we were turning that particular piece of our lives in all directions and still not understanding it. What I didn’t think of until after I’d put the phone down is that I am becoming convinced that covid-19 has caused developmental delays in young people, and that this is having a significant impact on them. And I don’t just mean those who have had the disease, but also those who have lived through the last two and a half years without catching it.


Other pieces of life are gem stones, the beauty of which we can only gasp at.


All these fragments of a greater whole that we have no chance of ever really understanding.


Time pressure means poor old Aggie is having another rest today.

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