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Day 302

I’ve got my timings wrong again today, and I’m typing this on my phone as Strictly starts (not that I’m a great fan of Halloween or Halloween specials).


Finally, finally, I got my entry in for the National Poetry Competition, two of them specially written for it (which is why it took me three hours while I was listening to my pre-record on Radio Stradbroke). It was probably the heaviest editing I’ve ever done on poetry. Now only time will tell, but at least it’s done.


Went for a long walk avrossnthe fields north of Norwich just as the sun was falling, and across the Recreation Ground. Still unseasonably warm, which is worrying, but lovely to be out there in the soft evening sun after having driven A to work this morning through one of the heaviest cloud bursts I’ve ever seen. That was not a pleasant experience, especially not where it smelled like the sewers were overflowing.


And now, because I’m getting distracted by Strictly, and because Aggie is still thinking through her plan, that’s it.

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