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Day 334

Thirty-one days left in the year. Thirty-one days to finish Aggie. Time is speeding up again. I did write two off-line chapters earlier, a touch longer than the ones I’ve written online. And I felt like I could write more. But that would just hasten the conclusion. And I don’t want to do that. I still want to approach every day as new so that the narrative can either ferment in my brain overnight or the new direction of the next day and chapter take me entirely by surprise. A lot about Aggie, the book and the person, has taken me by surprise, which does just go to underline that it’s our characters who guide us rather than we them.

And as the year marches towards its inevitable end, I think these posts might get shorter and shorter, because there is so much I need to do off-line, including day job, getting NNP 2022 sorted, finishing Aggie, wrapping up all sorts of things, and still prepping radio shows. I was going to prepare one tinight, but I haven’t got round to it, and I really don’t feel like it now because I need some non-PC screen time before I go to bed.

Lots of tasks, lots of thoughts. Slow progress, but some progress. In all areas. Censored and uncensored.

The most interesting thing is that I can’t wait to present the first draft of the finished Aggie to M. She hasn’t been reading it so far because she only wants to start it when it’s finished. Ditto A. It’s an odd life, being a writer. I spend time wondering if it’s worth it or has value, although I know it does.

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