Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter


Day 359

It’s very late. But still before midnight my time, so my pledge and its fulfilment still stand.

Today has been full of joy and wonder. Family togetherness. Overwhelming sometimes. We need each other. And yet we still need ourselves. I think it’s important to realise that. To have a space where we’re safe and alone. To have a space where we’re all safe and together. Life is these contradictions. That is what makes it so precious.

“Leftovers are a privilege.” The words of someone I follow on my socials. That’s a truth. We all have our problems. We’re all damaged. But we are able to feed ourselves and keep ourselves warm. The world is now such that we’re in the minority.

Don’t make it a New Year’s Resolution, just a part of your consciousness and conscience. It’s time to change the world. Somehow. Not by tearing it down, because it’s been torn down already – we just haven’t seen it from this angle. WE need to build it back up again, and build up all those around us with it.

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