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A fragment of someone else’s life.

She walks to the pharmacy counter,
Greetd by name by the pharmacist
Who gives her three pills to take there,
And then, her hands shaking,
Her mouth wraps itself around the
Tablets with a different hunger.

It’s a religious moment,
The taking of a sacrament,
Silence within this glass and
Plastic cubicle of urbanity.

She thanks, disappears with
Her companion, and they
Walk hand in hand, in a
Straight line, away along the
Non-descript street.

R 04/10/2023 19:30

This is an observation made today when I had to go to the doc and then pick up a prescription. Maybe one day I’ll write about the wonderful care I got from the NHS and student doctors today.

With the #MastoPrompt being #Fragment, how could I not bring this poem to you again, the first one I wrote for M, on the day we first kissed.

A Better Song

This is a fragment.
This is only a piece of it.
Nothing more than
a glimpse of the darkness,
a flash of the light,
one thunder of the storm,
a solitary single second of a million life times,
some restless continuation of the dream,
one motif amongst a thousand themes,
one tune from a scattered multitude of songs.

Maybe this is all there is.
A dream,
an imagined illusion of peace,
a sentimental depiction of desire,
a solitary imprint in the snow.

And yet;
I have seen her,
held her,
loved her.
For just one second.

Oh yes, this is one of the better songs.

R 23/10/1989

And it was, of course, turned into a most wondrous song by the brilliant Marina Florance in 2012. Here it is, with me doing some spoken word.

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