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Living in a lawless land – Part II

Since my most recent blogpost (3rd March), Theresa May has one day, laughably, claimed that reducing the police force has had no direct correlation with rising knife crime in the UK, and then, today, as I wrote this, announced a series of emergency meetings with ministers and police to discuss rising knife crime.

Should it be any surprise to anyone that austerity itself, and never mind the resulting reduction in public services including policing, has a hugely negative impact on people’s self-esteem, people’s hope, and people’s ability to earn a living? Should it be any surprise that knives are almost a weapon of choice because they’re so much more easily available than guns? And should it be any surprise that poor people will be tempted to rob without thinking of the consequences when the state, this government, gives them no means to get out of the ever-decreasing circle of poverty and hopelessness and subjugation?

And subjugation is exactly what the Brexiters are after, what the Upper Class want. They don’t just want to amass as much money as they possibly can; they want to ensure that the working and striving classes remain where they, in the eyes of the wealthy, belong. That’s why they want to escape the tighter investment regulations of the EU, that’s why they don’t want “common” people guiding the future of the country, that’s why they incite right-wing mobs to intimidate and frighten people who dare to have views which don’t align to theirs.

Not only that, the Upper Class, feeding on the Class Complex, aim to subjugate those who have the audacity to want to better themselves, those who work hard and talk freely, who want to raise their incomes so they can make a better life for themselves and their families, who want to have some spare cash beyond all this to help those in greater need than themselves. “No!” cry the Upper Class. “You can’t try to be up here! Go back down to where you belong!” And they help themselves to your freedom, your opportunities, your fought-for chances. That’s what they do.

Coming back to rising crime, how can anyone expect the youth of this nation to keep within the law when its ruling classes break the law every minute of every day? This is where we are now, and the country breaks more and more every second that goes by. We are approaching the end of days.

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