Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter


Modern Antarctica

colours gone
dimensions dissipated
no up no down no forwards no backwards
no black no white no shades no shadows no reference
no horizon

this is not a veil
it’s a wall
this is not beauty
it’s cruelty
this is no adventure
it’s more than that

we learned to walk as children
with our eyes open
there were cushions for every fall
parents friends grass rocks
we learned to talk and listen

in this cage of no dimensions
we are alone
no cushions
no grass

the horizon shrinks and disappears
we cannot measure distance
the fog freezes to us
the snow turns to sand
we are beached

two hundred miles up
a satellite watches us
blog watchers watch us
they cannot touch us

the desert is transparent
we are transparent
we are ghosts in the ether


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