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#NewMusicFriday 01/03/2024

It was good to be back in my garden office/study/studio for the pre-recording of yesterday’s show. More space, less concern about disturbing people with my talking and loud headphones. These are the great 18 tracks I played in just over 70 minutes.

People Being People – Everlasting Fire
Full Flower Moon Band – West Side
Iguana Death Cult – I Just Want A House
Poppy Jean Crawford – The Takeover
Sharktank – Mud
Black Nite Crash – Candelabra Light
angelic milk – Diana Ross
Northern Sky – Shadows
loveshovel – I like it raw
CLT DRP – Until You Show Me
MRL – Strike
Gilded Creatures – I Can Get Morose
Willy Bho – Spring Memories
Ella Ronen – Fuck Cute
Unquiet Nights – This Is My Oxygen
Yassassin – Banana Arms
Charley Stone – A Scream
The Corsairs – Primetime Television

And then, as a bonus, I quickly put together an omnibus edition of all the shows with new music from January.

As always, stream the hell out of these great pieces of music. And listen every Fridaty at 2pm or 11pm UTC. You won’t hear any better music anywhere on the planet.

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