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#NewMusicFriday 02/02/2024

A really eclectic mix this week. Great shouty and sweary stuff, and some more reflective pieces. And one particularly brilliant ska/reggae fusion one. You’ll just have to go find them all. As usual.

Humour – The Half Wit
The Priceduifkes – Hot Tub
VLURE – This Is Not The End
Mary Middlefield – Sexless
ALCHEMY – Blessings
The Rhythm Method – I Love My Television
Abbey Moon – Classics
Coming Up Roses – Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
Blame Club – Spooked
BARSTAFF – Tracy Island
Good Habits – Sunday
Nothing Rhymes With Orange – Friday Is Over
HEALER – Wake Me Up
The Tea Leaves – Believe
Heavy Feelings – Bootlickers
Yur Mum – Hands To The Sky
The Subtheory – Sophistry

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