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#NewMusicFriday 26/04/2024

I’m a little late with this because I spent all morning before going to the football editing A Fear Of Heights, which I hope to finish tomorrow so I can get it up ready for pre-orders. It will be available on 8th June, 100 years to the date that Mallory and Irvine were last seen.

But, before then, here’s the list of wonderful songs I played on my #NewMusicFriday show on Radio Stradbroke yesterday:

Rosalie James – Soft Target
Eaglemont – Party Boy
AnnenMayKantereit – Als Ich Ein Kind War (2023)
Rachel Chinouriri – It Is What It Is
9oClockHorses – Monsters
Stray Twin – Divine Energy
Goddammit Jeremiah – My Kind Of Weirdo
Tin Ribs – The Ratman of Hustler’s Bridge
Volk Soup – The Commisorator
O-Zone – Dragostea din tei (2004)
Malcom – C’est La Vie
Baby Schillaci – The Flatliners
Fourmarks – 2120
Luki – Seven Years Below The Flowers
Gushh – Nothing Is Lost
Moonpools – Say Anything
Niche Crush – Jeff

There you go. Now stream the hell out of the songs. They’re real bangers, and lots of sweary and loud ones amongst them.

Now, back to the editing.

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