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#NewMusicFriday 26/01/2024

Here’s the playlist from #NewMusicFriday from yesterday. A 73-minute show. Perhaps I talked too much.

You Know Who – Death Wish
Tidemann og Gud – Verdens Beste Land
SOAPBOX – Private Public Transport
Flat Party – Aching For Living
HAVVK – You Say You Won’t
Unquiet Nights – Break Through The Waves
Private Reg – step me down & pull me up
Cutaways – Sweet Surrender
West Wickhams – The Maddening Crowd
Izzy & The Black Trees – F-16
Wynona – Feeling For Edges
pecq – closer
IDA KUDO – Let’s Rewild The World
Around About Dusk – The Worm
Bluesomn – Ghost
Crawlers – Kills Me To Be Kind
Muncle – Walking On A Wall
Lost Legs – King of Broken Hearts

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