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#NewMusicFriday 03/05/2024

I’ve been up North since Friday lunch time, because one of my bestest friends asked me to be Best Man at his wedding. I’d been bricking it for weeks over the speech, as M’s now wife (also an M) is Portuguese, and most of her family don’t speak English, and I was determined to do my speech in Portuguese and English. Inclusivity and respect are important to me. I don’t speak Portuguese, by the way. Short story – thankfully it went well without too many mistakes, and I was much relieved. My own Norwegian M was such a brick throughout my weeks of nervousness and doubt, and thank God she was there with me.

Anyway, this just as context, because we ony got home a few hours ago, and putting up the running order of my show from last Friday is one of my housekeeping tasks, and one not to be neglected.

17 tracks this week, and an amazing wall of sound, in my opinion. Some excellent loud stuff, and some really class slower not so shouty stuff. Always eclectic, always brilliant – those are my shows.

Budge – Say Less
Better Joy – Talking Around
Eloise Carter – Under Streetlights
VALS ALARM – Cute &nd Rude
Princess Unit – Beam Me Up
Dear Rouge – Too Close To The Heat
The Trusted – Self-Destruct
Lucy Starr – Darkness
Daughter – Youth (2013)
Saachisen – If You Knew What I was Thinking
Lying For Friends – Pokerfake
ThirdLead – Let Go
Death Sells – State Of Mind
Office For Personal Development – Best Days Of Our Lives
Pave The Jungle – Grim Arithmetic
Fräulein – Pruning
Richard Pierce – Prime Minister’s Questions

No apologies for including my most recent track. If I’m not going to play it, who is? Stream the hell out of all these tracks, please. New music needs so much more support.

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