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#NewMusicFriday 12/04/2024

I’ve decided to make a bit more of an effort with this post this week (and maybe in subsequent weeks, too, time allowing), and to put in all the links to the songs I played on my show yesterday (which I recorded on Wednesday evening, when I should have been on my way to my old uni for a reunion dinner, but my back was good for nothing but standing and recording a music show. News I’ve had of one of my compatriots who couldn’t attend because he had a leg amputated after sepsis a few weeks ago puts my travails seriously into perspective; here’s rooting for you, ST).

Anyway, here are the brilliant 20 records I played:

Fashion Victims – Green Man
TaDa Vinci – Noone’s Laughing
Drakaanis – Litt betatt
Dinosaurtegning – REALR2
Fright Years – Blue
Newmoon – Eternal Fall
Born Again Virgin – Bird Of Prey
Cable Street Collective – Sold On A Rhyme
Amy Dx – Parasite
Cocteau Twins – Persephone (1984)
Lizzie Esau – Wait Too Late
Lumer – One Hundred Years Of Solitude
GAYLIPS – smashing your head against a brick wall is a full-time occupation
Paul Jack – Nothing Of Any Kind
The Empty Page – Life Is A Wave
Surya – In My Neighbourhood
Camens – Lying Won’t Get You Anywhere
Barstaff – Telephone Tuff Guy
Drella – Guillotine
Midnight + The Patio Chairs – Song For Martunis

In most cases, I’ve linked to the song on bandcamp where you can choose to buy the track. Where that’s not been possible, I’ve linked you to soundcloud. And there’s one spotify link in there. I’m steering away from spotify links because they’re not paying indie artists fairly (any streams under 1k generate revenue which is distributed to the big artsists with millions of streams – don’t ask me why; there’s a huge debate ongoing). So, please, go listen to these fab creatives.

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