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#NewMusicFriday 17/05/2024

A week of sleep deprivation, travel, work processes, brain ache, words stuck in my brain with no time to come out, and lots of cracking new tunes. Thank God for music.

Those tracks (a mix of bandcamp, soundcloud, and spotify links this week):

Panic Over – Figure It Out
Fast Blood – Sunny Blunts
Die Tiere – Die Anderen
Heavydive – Aftersun
activemirror. – Serendipitous
Sick Love – Chill For The Summer
YONAKA – Fight For The Right
Khiasma – Kvernsteinen
BITCRUSHR – Deception
The Wombats – Kill The Director (2007)
Platonic Sex – Hanging Out The Window
Kellebosi – Blush
Nessa May – Mil
Casual Drag – Can You Hear Me Now?
My Best Unbeaten Brother – Time On Our Hands, Spiderman
J Chambers – Mandela
FEVER – Why Can’t You Hear Me?
Loyd – Scream
Kate Bond – Public Enemy
The Big Day – Back To Business
The Deefons – All In
Gdansk81 – Molecules
Kaizers Orchestra – Hjerteknuser (2011) The show went out on Norwegian Independence Day, so I just had to play this by my fave band ever.

I must admit to feeling like there is just simply not enough time to fit everything in that I want to do. And yet I don’t feel like there’s anything I can or want to give up doing. And whoever said that the older you get the less sleep you need was lying. The opposite is true, which appears to make the time I have to be productive shrink even more. Solutions on a postcard, please.

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