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#NewMusicFriday 16/02/2024

This week, I crammed 17 superb tracks into 69 minutes of the show. Although it seems that more and more people are veering either towards making insipid ambient music or starting off their tracks with the useless tapping of drumsticks or by shouting 1 2 3, there’s still a lot of good stuff to be found. And these were the best 17.

Kid Kapichi – Get Down
Lambrini Girls – Lads Lads Lads
Softcult – Shortest Fuse
Bandit – What Did You Expect?
Projector – Tastes Like Sarah
Valient Himself – I Walked With A Zombie
Smerz – My Producer
Dirty Suits – Nobody Dies Alone
Death Waits – St. Jude (Lord of the Flies)
Common Buzzards – Go Out Out
Manukai – Intestines
Trinket – Silver Thread
Grenades – Vendome
Creature Creature – The Noise
Noise Factory United – MinotaurE
Gabrielle Ornate – Enchantress Of Sound
Hordom – The Herd

You know the drill. Go find these songs and artsists and stream the hell out of them. Or buy them.

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