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#NewMusicFriday 23/02/2024

Friday turned into Richard Pierce Day on Radio Stradbroke. Mark S who was meant to do the morning show had hurt his back, so we dropped in an episode of my 12-inch vinyl singles collection. If I hadn’t been on hols and going elsewhere, I might just have jumped in to do a live show. But I exercised self-care. For a change.

And then #NewMusicFriday at 2pm and 11pm. Eighteen top tracks this week – but then they’re always top tracks, because otherwise they wouldn’t get on the how.

VIAL – apathy
total tommy – Microdose
The Baby Seals – Vibrator
Galaxie – Ramen Soupe
This Elegant Gull – All For The Love
TOAST – Microplastics
Effi Brie – Gaslicht
Quirinello – Sorgenstau
Projector – Don’t Give Anything Up For Love
The New Nostalgia – A Fridge In Berlin
Aerial Salad – Tied To Pieces Of Paper
Express Office Portico – Are You Yourself?
falselove – candlelight
Vampire Slumber Party – McFly Family Photo
Balancing Act- She Plays The Theremin
The Empty Page – Cock Of The Fifth Year
Pharmacists – Heart Of The Nation
MUCK. – She Bares Her Soul (Radio Edit)

As always, I’d urge you to stream the hell out of these, or to buy them. I have no idea whether or not you oay any attention to me, so I just hope you do go and do it. Of particular greatness is The Baby Seals’ track which is batters at the door of the patriarchy which unfortunately still exists.

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