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#NewMusicFriday 29/03/2024

It’s been a strange and difficult week, and recording yesterday’s show was fitted in between fretting about something (more of that later), manic day job, and trying to put together a new spoken word track (and toying with the idea of putting together an album of tracks – but that will be a very long time in the making). A week in which I missed doing a three-hour live show more than most weeks, because I realise the shows are a safe place, a place I can get lost in the music rather than the real world, rather than the constant worry about family, politics, and my day job (which I’m very emotionally involved with and committed to).

Anyway, here are those fabulous tracks I found this week:

Insatiable Void – Ancestry
Rahel – wasserfall – 10 mal am tag
Soft Kill – Englewood
Svart Ridaa – Slit ut min sjael
Lissy Taylor – Life Changing
The Crystal Casino Band – Far Away
IST IST – Lost My Shadow
Sloetface – Final Goerl
Trio – Kummer (1981)
The Big Grey Man – Basura
Smerz – Shining Star
Baits – Up In The Air
Idol Giants – Let Me Let This Go
Arlene – Longshot
The Effenaar – Herds
Catharsis – On The Outside
Dreamwave – Hidden Sun

Each one a gem, it has to be said. Go stream the hell out of them, please, or look for the artsist on bandcamp and buy their songs. I also had a lovely email conversation with The Big Grey Man who listened to the show with his wife as they were driving up to Scotland, and whose wife particularly liked the German-language tracks. It’s so good to have interaction with fellow creatives who are striggling against the main stream just as much as I am.

On which note, I am so unbelievably happy and humbled that Cost Of Living will be played out on Tom Robinson’s Mixtape on BBC Radio 6 Music on Monday 1st April. The show goes out at 4am, but will also be available on BBC Sounds, for those of us who really can’t get up at 4am any day. And to be on the same show as India Electric Co, who were probably my track of the week last week, is a huge honour.

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