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Why rain translates into depression
For June babies is another unknown.
But humans are meant to be adaptable and
Resourceful, AI argues. In fact, we are the
Repositories of all unknowns, and they dance
Around inside us, trapped genies looking
For a way out, eager to turn the entire world
Into an unknown. That is why the AI creatures
Fear us, because, to them, nothing must be
Incalculable, and nothing must be allowed
To be uncertain or unpredictable or out of the norm.
Note this down: rain … short circuit …

R 12/09/2023 14:35

I wrote quite a few fragments of poetry today. And a poem that’s too good to be put into the public domain. All that at the price of not yet having done anything more with The Mortality Code which is now just shy of 100k words. Been a very busy day. Maybe I’ll try to write up to the 100k later this evening.

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