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Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

I wrote this the evening after our first date.

A Better Song

This is a fragment.
This is only a piece of it.
Nothing more than
a glimpse of the darkness,
a flash of the light,
one thunder of the storm,
a solitary single second of a million life times,
some restless continuation of the dream,
one motif amongst a thousand themes,
one tune from a scattered multitude of songs.

Maybe this is all there is.
A dream,
an imagined illusion of peace,
a sentimental depiction of desire,
a solitary imprint in the snow.

And yet;
I have seen her,
held her,
loved her.
For just one second.

Oh yes, this is one of the better songs.

And this I wrote this morning, on our twentieth wedding anniversary.

Twenty Better Songs

There are times when life changes,
Just like that, and nothing is the same
As it was before,

Almond eyes.

Have we counted the years since then?
Once a year, maybe. The living of them
Takes all we have, because

This all there is.

And yet, what was a fragment
Has become a whole. Those moments,
Those births, those frightening hours

When all we held

Were hopes against death,
And prayers for everything to be fine,
When we could have lost

What we made.

This is not a dream, not imagination,
Not sentimental desire, even if we
Are solitary, in the end,

At the reckoning.

That first song became one of many,
So many themes, so many stories
To be told, and they are

Only all for you.

There are times when life changes.
That day, that time, that breath,
Changed mine, and made me write

Twenty better songs.

Thank you, Marianne. R

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