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Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

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That night,Under the full moon,At the bottom of the garden,I toasted you with the last can of beer I had,You and your mother, already upstairs,You new, in the old basketNext… Continue Reading


Birthday Talk

‘Fourteen.’ ‘Fourteen?’ ‘Fourteen!’ ‘Years?’ ‘Years.’ ‘Not months?’ ‘Not months.’ ‘You must feel old.’ ‘I do feel old.’ ‘Very old, I mean.’ ‘Well, not that old.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Well, maybe. I was… Continue Reading



The moon, A half of what it was,Glowers,Ashamed,A-hidden,Behind the tops of roofs,Of trees,In silence. Night closes Around what shines,A narrow coneOf uncounted light,Just an echo Of the sun,An unrehearsed refrain…. Continue Reading


You Don’t

You don’t know how much I love you AlthoughI spend nights awakeWhole nightsAnd nights awayWhole nightsAnd sleeplessLike the one nowAnd tomorrow And yesterdayBecause it doesn’t stop, in my head You… Continue Reading