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Day 281

So, after two and half years successfully avoiding covid-19, I have it. M tested positive yesterday, and I tested negative, and felt fine (we’ve been married for 31 years, and the bed is big). I consulted with L&L and they were still happy for me to meet with them last night, and we had a lovely dinner. Got home at 01:40 this morning feeling slightly tired (but that didn’t really surprise me). Felt rough this morning, did another test, another negative. A tested herself – positive; a real bummer because she loves her match day shifts at Norwich City. I did a test late this afternoon, and that was a positive. We’re all trying to grin and bear it now, but are inevitably reflecting on the government’s ineffective fourth booster strategy, the government’s lack of leadership on keeping mask wearing mandatory (though we all continue to wear masks), and the government’s failure to keep testing free (we have a few boxes of tests left from when testing was at its height, and ordered some extra when it became obvious that the government was going to stop distributing them free of charge).

Where are we now, in this country? We have a faulty government which is not exercising its duty of care for its citizens, a government which refuses to counsel its citizens on energy usage and how to save energy, a government which had for the last year ignored a continuing pandemic, a government which partied its way through the lockdowns (and, make no mistake, Johnson wasn’t the only one partying), a government which is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of covid-19 deaths, a government so obsessed with lying because of an evil ideology that it ignores looking after the people of this country. Covid-19 is rampant, along with inflation, along with interest rates, and we’re staring down the barrel of a winter of carnage.

I’m giving Aggie this whole weekend off.

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