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#NewMusicFriday 08/03/2024

That was an intense week. A week in which I managed to lock myself out of this web site because the security protocols I’ve built around it are so strong that I couldn’t access it for 5 days. A week in which I met a wonderful man called Ian who’s been through so much that I was initially not sure my usual open questions would be appropriate – in the end it turned out that we had so much in common it was uncanny (except for the trials he’s going through and has gone through; my day job puts my existential angsts into harsh perspective), and that he’s one of the most open and good people I’ve been fortunate to meet. A week in which I travelled so much that I was falling-over tired by the time I crept in through my front door on Friday evening. A week in which I compressed the recording of my Radio Stradbroke show into just about the only free 80 minutes I had.

And that brings us nicely to this week’s running order. Despite what appears to be a serious paucity of good new music (which I need to be noisy or thought-provoking or uncomfortable or innovative) right now, I did manage to find 16 seriously good songs to play.

Blomst – Ypper
Hinds – Coffee
brand new legs – sick
The Mysterines – Stray
Jorun Wisloeff – Always
SPIDER – straight out of the oven!
Better Joy – Dead Plants
Noctalgia – Heavy Feelings
Alexandra Leaving – Bite
Camens – Confetti & Kalashnikovs
Dean Owens – Raining In Glasgow
nudista – Waiting Line
Last Of The Wonder Kids – Toxic Waster
crapsons – Checking In To A&E
The Lost Letters – Cecille
Myriad – Getting Started

Three of them weren’t widely available at the time of recording (13, 14, 15), but if you go search them out you’ll find them. As every week, I tell you again, go buy or stream these tracks – these artists are creatives who, like me, struggle having their voices heard, and struggle to receive adequate remuneration and recognition for the art they create.

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