Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter


The Dark Threads

The dark threads

Of a different track

Lead to questions

We can’t answer.


Fingers find the wrong touch

And wake with guilt made bare

In the tangled sheets of old sin.


Grey days are shadowless.

The sun stays away from our ignorance

And failure, and time stalls in a furnace of passion.


The dark threads of lost hours

Tangle us in unknown webs

To plough memory into infertile sand

Until we don’t know who we are.

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  1. ren

    1st December 2019 at 09:14

    Grrr. you don’t have a like button ๐Ÿ™‚
    Which forces me to put words to a smile. That kinda sucks.
    Glad you are still here.

    1. tettig2019

      13th December 2019 at 17:31

      I’ll have to familiarise myself more with WordPress. Hope all’s well with you. Could do with having a drink with you, today of all days. R

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