Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter



What is the proof of love,
If there is proof,
And not just blind faith
Or shape?

Is it the curved mouth

Or the lack of attention
Or the inadequate words
Before and after the sigh
Of what feels like fulfilment?

Or is it the exclusion of all else,

Of time and place
And friends and foe,
Of the world at large?

Is love a ghetto of two,

Or is it the freedom to roam
Into the unknown,
And to keep secrets
To make the heart beat faster?

Maybe love is just a theory

To be unproven,
Like Einsteins Relativity
And the shape of the universe.


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  1. Carola Stärr

    11th March 2018 at 12:47

    Die Liebe macht uns frei. Selbst die alte vergangene begleitet uns unser Leben lang, wärmt uns an kalten Tagen und lässt uns verglühen wenn wir sie teilen.

  2. richard pierce

    12th March 2018 at 09:10

    Hallo! Ich hoffe Dir geht's gut. R

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