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Science cannot understand
Creativity nor the act of creation.

Its verdict on art is – nice but
Not necessary, want but not need.
It has translated this into what it
Calls artificial intelligence, more
Aprtly named artificially-generated
Plagiarism with no soul.

Big Bang would not work without
Merging science with the spiritual.
What is dark matter but the
Proof of soul, the essence of
Soul? It cannot be weighed in

Art has all the questions and answers.
It is beginning and end.

R 18/09/2023 13:53

Lest anyone thinks I’m anti-science, I’m not. I am just, and always have been, against the ridiculous notion that education should be science-focised to the detriment of arts and humanities. I have said before, on other pages, somewhere in this virtual universe, that Physics (the philospher’s science) and one modern foreign language should be compulsory to the age of 18.

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