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Day 233

This is the poem I wrote yesterday. It’s for everyone who’s contemplating getting married, for those getting married, for those already married. For those of any faith, for those of no faith. For those in love, for those hoping for love. For everyone, in essence. A universal truth, if you like.


May the blessings of people
And gods carry you forwards through
Real life and the waves which will
Roll around the ship you ride
In the years and unpredictable
Ages which will come, as you
Go your own way and grow in
Every direction you can imagine.

In those rare quiet moments allow the
Sound of your souls to guide you.

On the days when the world’s
Noise overwhelms you,
Let the silence of faith cocoon
You against the storms of doubt.

Trust in yourselves and each other, and
Have no fear of fear. There are trials in
Every happiness as there are in sadness.

Be not bound by the stories of others.
Every circumstance has a different
Garden of a thousand colours at
Its very core, and you will find
New ways to find your paths to those
Nirvanas only you can create from your own
Ideas and aspirations. You are
New every day, and you can make
Goodness thrive in this broken world.




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